Cryo Facials

Cryo Facials

Your skin is subjected to daily environmental elements such as pollution and UV exposure that can take a toll on your skin, leaving skin cells damaged and dull. Inflammation damage from those environmental factors and other skin conditions can deteriorate skin cells, increasing the signs of aging or discoloration.

During your Cryo Facial, the cold temperatures cause the blood vessels in your skin to contract and in turn dilate, which improve oxygenated blood flow to the surface of the skin. Nutrients that are provided by the increased blood flow start the restorative process of the facial. Your skin is left feeling refreshed, defined, and tight.

Benefits of a Cryo Facial include:


Benefits of a Cryo Facial include:

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Cryo Facials are ideal for people looking for a quick, non-invasive treatment that will reduce inflammation and promote blood flow. If you have recently received dermal injections or fillers, a Cryo Facial is not recommended.

Results will be evident immediately, similar to how the skin looks after a brisk walk in the cold. Initial results usually last for a few weeks.

Cryo Facials improve inflammation and pore size, improve blood flow, and improve skin tone and complexion immediately following the procedure. In most cases, candidates maintain their results between three and five times per year. Treatments can be repeated every one to two weeks.

Cryo Facials do not require any downtime – you should be able to resume your daily activities right away. After a Cryo Facial, some clients may experience a slight rosiness, but this will disappear after 15 minutes.

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