Athena Cryo Studio uses microneedling to rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen production. A crucial component of skin health, collagen keeps skin hydrated and youthful. Increasing collagen in the skin can lead to a wide range of cosmetic benefits.

The microneedling procedure punctures the skin, which stimulates collagen production. An instrument that looks like a pencil but has many tiny needles along its length is used as part of the procedure called a derma roller. The body produces collagen as a result, which triggers a healing response. Due to the small size of the wounds in the skin, they heal quickly. It is possible to rejuvenate the treated area by using newly created collagen to address cosmetic concerns such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone or texture
  • Stretch marks & acne scars
  • Loose, saggy skin
  • Hyperpigmentation and other skin discoloration

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Since microneedling treatments work for different skin types and can address many skin issues, almost everyone can benefit from this collagen induction treatment.

Microneedling will show results over the next few weeks and months. The body produces collagen, which is used to rejuvenate and restore the skin. In order to achieve specific treatment goals, patients often require additional treatments. The number of microneedling treatments you require will depend on your cosmetic goals.

Generally, microneedling treatments last between three and five months. Longevity depends on two factors; new collagen’s duration in your skin and the degree of your skin concerns.

Microneedling does not require downtime or recovery. Following an appointment, most patients can return to work or other activities immediately.

The healing process following a Laser Photo Facial will vary from patient to patient, but most patients can expect to experience redness for 2 to 5 days.

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