Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Thinning hair can be a sensitive topic to discuss. Athena offers hair restoration treatment that utilizes human growth factors and microneedling to both, prevent further loss and regrow thinning hair.

Recent advances in hair follicle science have been incorporated by AnteAGE MD. Dedicated techniques on mesenchymal stem cell bone marrow cultures are focused on hair growth (Wnt-1a pathway), and twelve bioidentical growth factors and cytokines are in addition to stem cells to make this the most scientifically advanced product today.

Hair Restoration treatments are just one of the many innovative treatments that Athena Cryo Studio in Fond du Lac, WI, offers. Book your Hair restoration appointment today by clicking on the Book Now button.

Potenza RF Microneedling effectively targets & minimizes


Microneedling with Natural Growth Factors

Microneedling with Natural Growth Factors

Microneedling with Natural Growth Factors is an innovative method of stimulating hair growth using platelets from your blood. During your appointment, a small blood sample will be drawn with a very fine needle and spun in a centrifuge for several minutes. Blood plasma bonds with other reparative factors during the spinning process to form natural growth factors. New hair follicles are stimulated by microneedling the natural growth factors back into the scalp. Hair growth can be promoted by microneedling with natural growth factors in a safe, effective, and natural way. Hair restoration with microneedling and natural growth factor injections produces gradual results that improve over time.

Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-Level Light Therapy

Among the most significant advancements in hair restoration is low-level laser therapy. LLLT is commonly used to treat thinning hair, hereditary hair loss conditions, including androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), and other scalp and head problems. Low-level lasers have shown incredible results in strengthening hair follicles and restoring damaged tissues for both men and women suffering from hair loss. Low-level laser hair therapy promotes thicker, fuller, and healthier hair growth. Hair growth can begin as soon as three months after LLLT. It is common for 3/4 of the treated hair to grow again after treatment.


A hair restoration specialist must correctly diagnose your condition if you have thinned or lost scalp hair. Following a diagnosis, we will recommend an effective treatment approach for you.

Natural Growth Factors stimulate hair growth by using the patient’s blood. It is a painless method of restoring hair. The natural growth factors are then microneedled back into the scalp to stimulate and activate hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

Microneedling with natural growth factors is a safe and FDA-approved procedure. Using natural blood concentrates, this treatment is non-surgical and achieves the best results.

Laser therapy (LLLT) restores thinning hair and addresses visible hair loss safely and comfortably.

LLLT uses cold-beam lasers to emit light. As these forms of light do not burn the skin, they are safe to use for prolonged periods of time. The FDA has approved LLLT as a treatment for hair loss.

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